Miyoshi Yuriko

Yuriko Miyoshi 1962 Born in Osaka, Japan 1985 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University of Art & Design 1989 Completed Printing Art course at Postgraduate course of Musashino Art University 1994 Internship for Artists under the Agency for Cultural Affairs Yuriko Miyoshi seems to be adept at describing a world through colored corrosion etching prints with a sense of humor, intellect and tenderness of feeling. An apparatus to remind us the memory of different dimension had gotten rusting unwillingly. Strange and fascinating hands, which are a symbol of her exciting curiosity, are giving a signal it. She is walking through various towns and streets in some strange lands being very exciting of their magic. Nevertheless she don't know the language in these lands. It is very important for her to meet novel things and people in such strange lands. She put all those things in her etching by transcribing ink from copy papers to copper plates. The signal extending in our heart, her etching works satisfy our poetical space in ourselves and lead us to good mood. Haruyuki Hamada Text tor Yuriko Miyoshi Print Exhibition ---a book of travels --- at Art collection COMUNICA (Tokyo, Japan) on November, 1997 MEMBER OF: Japan Artists Association Japan Print Association International Print Exchange Association EXHIBITIONS: 1985 Japan Print Association Exhibition 1987 Solo Exhibitions (Tokyo, Nagoya, Yamanashi, Hamamatsu / Korea / Belgium) 1992 International Print Exchange Exhibitions (Korea, Belgium, Canada, Lilhuania, Czech, The Netherlands, a.o.) 1993 Mini Print International of Cadaques (Spain) 1994 Papier als middelpunt "HANGA WASHI" (Alden Biesen, Belgium) Invited Triennale mondiale d'estampes petit format (Chamalieres, France) 1995 Prints of the Far East, MTG'94 Programme (Bielsko-Biala, Poland) 1995/98 Japanese Graphic, Travelling Show The national gallery : Lilhuanian Art Museum (95) The Museum of Kaliningrad (Russia) (96) Galerii NA HRADE & Galerii STERNBERK (Olomouc, Czech) (96) Nalional Technical Museum (Praha, Czech) (97) The cultural center "De Markten" (Bruxelles, Belgium) (98) 1996 "Encre et Bulles" Bande Dessinee l'exposition (Belgium) Mini print exhibition (Galerie de l'arbitraire, Goux, France) 1996,98 Vilnius International small form graphic Biennial (Lithuania) 1996/97 Exchange of Czech, Lithuania & Japan Conlemporary Print Exhibition (Tokyo, Hamamatsu, lida, Tatsuno, Kiryu) 1997 Demonstration: photo & copy etching (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech) International Mini-Print Biennial Cluj (the National Art Museum, Romania) 1997,2000 Egyptian international Print Triennale (the National center of Fine Arts, Egypt) Invited 1998 International Fotding Fan Exhibition Traveling show (Japan, Russia, Belgium, etc) Eastern Approaches, "Contemporary Prints from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand" (England) 1Oth anniversary International biennial "Kaliningrad-Kenigsberg 98 Conference" (Russia) Japanese Graphics, 40+1 Living Faces or Via E-mail (Novosibirsk, Russia) World Print Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia) The International Rops's competition (Musee Felicien Rops, Belgium) 1999 5th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Arts (Gyor, Hungary) Invited 2000 VII International Arnadora Print Biennial (Amadora, Portugal´) Invited International Artist's Symposium of Gyor (Hungary) Invited "NL-JP Printmaking today", exchange exhibition (Nagasaki, Tokyo, Amslerdam) Workshop; Washi & Woodcut (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier) 2001 The Rising Sun: Samurai to Pokernon (Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Ex eter) Made in Japan Contemporary artwork on and with paper (Bristol Museum & Art Gallery) 6th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Arts (Gyor, Hungary) Invited as a curator tor Japanese artists COLLECTIONS: British Museum (London, UK) Internationaal Ex Libris-centrum (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) Kun-ho Cultural Foundation (Kwangju, Korea) Musee d'Art Contemporain of Chamalieres (Chamalieres, France) Metal Art Museum HlKARI NO TANI (Chiba, Japan) Tama Art University Museum (Tokyo, Japan) Lithuanian Art Museum (Vilnius, Lithuania) Academy of Fine Art in Prague (Czech) the National center of Fine Arts (Egypt) the National Art Museum (Romania) Art Gallery of Kaliningrad (Russia) The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow (Russia) Gallery of the Municipal Museum of Art (Gyor, Hungary)